How To Care For The Chrome On Your Used Semi Truck

14 October 2015
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Buying a used semi truck usually means it comes with the pride of the previous owner. If the former driver took great care to keep the truck and it's components in good condition, you're in luck, and you'll probably have little more than maintenance work to do to keep the truck looking sharp. If the previous owner didn't give a hoot, you might have a longer road ahead of you if you intend on restoring the truck to it's former glory. Read More 

Inherited Car Has Water In The Gas Tank? Tips To Get It Out Now

13 October 2015
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Inheriting an elderly loved one's car can be a blessing, especially if it's something they cherished in life. But if the gas tank has water in it, you won't have a chance to enjoy the car. If cars sit for a long time without running, they can get water in the tank from condensation. The gas in the tank can also turn into water over time. Instead of leaving the car in the garage, you can get the water out the car's gas tank. Read More 

4 Ways To Care For Your Car’s Brakes

7 October 2015
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Need to save a bit of cash on your car maintenance needs? Perhaps one of the best ways to go about doing so is to simply take care of your brakes. Although there is much to be said about how you go about replacing your brakes, and what sort of money you're willing to invest them, there's also something to be said about taking care of them. A careful person who is willing to take good care of their car's brakes will find that they can last upwards of tens of thousands of miles. Read More 

3 Tips To Make Your Pickup Truck More Efficient For Contractor Jobs

6 October 2015
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As a contractor, you need to make sure you have all the right tools and equipment to handle various jobs. Of course, the most important piece of equipment you can rely on is your pickup truck. A pickup truck allows you to haul various materials to and from different locations. As a contractor, you likely put your truck through a lot of abuse. Fortunately, there are ways to make your truck more efficient, so you can tackle just about any side job that comes your way. Read More