What To Do When Your Vehicle AC Stops Working

26 April 2021
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The air conditioning in your car or truck is vital if you live in a hot climate. The air conditioning can stop working for many reasons, so if you are experiencing problems with the AC in your car, taking the vehicle to an auto air conditioning service or repair shop is often the best way to fix it.  Refrigerant Level One of the most common reasons for auto air conditioning to stop working is low refrigerant levels in the system. Read More 

Shopping For A Used Vehicle? Look For The Following 3 Things

25 August 2020
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If you are starting the process of buying a used vehicle, this is definitely not something you want to go into without being prepared. Here are some things to look for when shopping for a used vehicle. The Tires It is always worth looking at the tires on the vehicle to see if they are in good condition. Run your hands over the tires so that you can feel if the tires are wearing evenly. Read More 

Think You Can Wait? 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Postpone Your Tire Balancing

19 June 2019
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If you own a car, you want to make sure that you provide the proper care and maintenance. It's those routine maintenance appointments that help ensure a long life for your vehicle. Tire balancing is one maintenance need that's often overlooked. Unfortunately, that can lead to some serious problems for you and your car. Before you postpone another appointment to have your tires balanced, take a look at the reasons you should stick to the schedule. Read More 

What A Transmission Shop Does: The Name Does Not Limit Service

12 August 2018
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When someone tells you that your vehicle has a transmission problem, you immediately assume the worst. After all, the transmission is a big part of the engine, right? Well, yes and no; there is more to a transmission than the transmission "box."  When and if you take your vehicle to a transmission shop, you should keep this information in mind. Services provided in a transmission shop are not as finite or as limited as you think. Read More 

3 Keys For Auto Repairs

7 November 2017
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To be sure that you are able to keep your car in shape for any road trip, regular commute, or general ownership, it's important that you follow some strategies. Think about the important parts of your car, such as the brake pads, engine rebuild, or transmission rebuild. With this in mind, follow the tips below so that you're in a great position to keep your vehicle rolling along smoothly.  Take your car in to get the brakes checked Read More